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Dr. Michael Wald, DC/Dietician/Certified Nutritional Specialist/Masters in Nutrition/Double Board Certified          Nutritionist

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Ask The Blood Detective - Ending Pain Naturally

Join Dr. Michael Wald, The BloodDetective, as he discusseds natual ways of ending acute and chronic pain.. Lean how the diet and nutritional supplements can make all of the difference along with electrical modalities like TENS and Interferential current. Arthritis, endometriosis, neck and paick pain, migraines, pain and obesity, fibromyaigna, diabetic neuropathy, headaches, infections, generalized inflammation and other conditions will be discussed. Natural treatments including vitamin D, omega 3 probiotics, meditarranean diet, lipoic acid, superfoods, digestive enzymes, resveratrol, SAMe, garlic and white willow can be targeted for pain relief. Learn about anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory foods. Dr. Wald can be reached by calling 914-552-1442 to schedule and in-person and distance consultation. His website is: and email Dr. Wald at:

Ask The Blood Detective - How to stay and get healthy

Join Dr. Michael Wald, the Blood Detective, as he reviews what is 30 years has taught him about staying and getting well. Will discuss everything from food binding to intermittent fasting to malabsorption and the use of nutritional supplements. And so much more. Dr. Wald can be reached for a distance or in-person appointment or to submit show topics by calling 914-552-1442. His email is: and website is:

Ask The Blood Detective - Essential health concepts that could save your life.

Ask The Blood Detective - Defeating Diabetes

Defeating Diabetes - Diabetes can often be prevented and even reversed with optimized nutritional attention. Whether you have blood sugar issues less than diabetes, or if you are pre-diabetic or if you are a diabetic - this show is for you! Join Dr. Michael Wald, as he review in great detail, more than a dozen essential supplements in diabetes, reviews glycemic index, inflammation and other contributors to blood sugar problems. Dr. Wald can be reached by calling 914-552-1442. His email is: and his website is:


Ask The Blood Detective - 11.16.19

The adrenal glands play an essential role in keeping you well and protecting you from dying prematurely of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hormonal issues and dozens of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Lifestyle including exercise and sleep coupled with herbs, hormones and foods can go along way towards protecting your body from the dangerous effects of weak adrenal function. Join Dr. Michael Wald, the blooddetective, as he walks you though how the adrenal stress response works in your body and what exactly you should do about strengthening your resiliency so that you life better longer.

Ask The Blood Detective - Fake news in healthcare regarding natural cures for cancer.

You must listen to this show!Dr. WALD evaluates the erroneous claims and out right harmful information found on various Facebook pages cancer groups. If you’ve ever wanted to get the facts straight regarding natural care for cancer versus chemotherapy and radiation this is a must listen show. Dr. WALD can be contacted by calling 914-552-1442 to schedule as a new patient either in person or at a distance. His website is Dr. Wald’s email is:

Ask The Blood Detective - End fatigue now - 30+ causes of fatigue reviewed

According to Dr. Michael Wald, host of ask Blood Detective, there are approximately 40 causes of fatigue that are underappreciated. Causes ranging from low thyroid to high blood sugar and low blood sugar to protein anemia, iron deficiency, malabsorption, toxins and inflammation. These other causes of fatigue will be reviewed by Dr. Wald as well their natural approaches. Dr. WALD can be reached for a new patient appointments either by phone or in person by calling 9145 521442. Email Dr. WALD with your show ideas or questions are: His website is:

Ask The Blood Detective - Your Questions Answered

Your questions answered – cutting through the lies and truth regarding home natural therapies work. But Dr. Michael Wald, 914-552-1442,

Ask The Blood Detective - Aging Backwards

You can age backwards