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Ask The Blood Detective - How deadly is the coronavirus?

February 13, 2020

How deadly is the coronavirus?

The coronavirus has killed more people than the SARS virus. It is spreading rapidly and early detection and screening is lacking. The CDC are the only ones doing the necessary PCR test. It is the authors opinion that the PCR testing should be available now to oppositions and should be done even with the earliest suspicion of a viral infection.


Is there a blood test for the coronavirus?

The virus is a pandemic now and there must be a lower threshold for testing. Handwashing is essential, avoiding airplanes, local distancing, avoiding touching other individuals including your face and the use of masks will help to a small amount. Case fatalities are unknown. There is no vaccine available to boost immunity and thus there is no immunity to the coronavirus.


How is the coronavirus spread?

Over 600 people are dead at this point. Underlying condition such as hypertension and diabetes allow this novel pathogen to kill people much more easily. Being over 60 years of age Also increases the severity of the virus. Viral replication is high even in those who are feeling better after infection. Post infection and complications are high. People are affecting or spreading by a process known as seating.


How does the coronavirus called ARDS?

People generally die of this virus through the condition known as acute respiratory distress syndrome. This condition involves fluid that is leaking into the alveolar space it is approaching containing fluid that makes it difficult for oxygen to pass from the Lung cells into the capillaries and then into the blood. Doctors therefor wait and pray that the patient will survive long enough for the body to remove the fluid and inflammation.


What connection is there between the corn

The coronavirus likely spread to humans through baths. Genetic testing seems to suggest this. Coronavirus mostly spreads to droplets via coughing and sneezing with respiratory cells then infect people because they are infected themselves. Droplets are small fluid particles that settle out within 1 to 2 minutes so surgical mask is good for this protection. Interestingly, the surgical mask is not good for breathing shared air.


What is the best face mask for preventing coronavirus infection

Then there are airborne transmission through tiny droplets. Tiny drop the transmission can be lowered with the use of the N 95 facemask. Contaminated objects are known as formitess and can spread infection as a person touches a door knob then someone else touches the door knob. For more information right Dr. Michael Wald DrMichaelWald 914-5521442. DC/MS/DACBN/Doctor of Nutrition Masters in Nutrition, Dietitian, Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Nutrition.