Ask The Blood Detective

Ask The Blood Detective - What you need to know to not just survive but thrive!

November 20, 2020

You are an individual that deserves to know how to bring your health to the next level. The process is easy - IF, you know what to do. Join Dr. Michael Wald, The BloodDetective as he reveals the emotional tricks to get you on track or to a higher level of health potential. These and other factors will be discussed by Dr. Wald - how do you know if your vitamins are of high quality? How do you start your day in a way that sets you up on the road to greater health? How do you know how your sleep and stress response affect you and how can you test and improve abnormal findings? This and more as usual by the BloodDetective! Dr. Wald is accepting patients at his Westchester office (1 hr North of NYC) in Chappaqua NY. He can be reached by calling 914-552-1442. His email is: info@BloodDetective.