Ask The Blood Detective

Ask The Blood Detective - The Many Ways That Blood Sugar Affects Your Health

September 15, 2018

Low blood sugar is an often hidden health problem. The causes of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia extend far beyond sugar as a cause. Heavy metal toxins, inflammation, stress, lack of sleep and even pollution can cause blood sugar problems. The symptoms of low blood sugar or consistent with the organ or organ systems that are affected by it; blood sugar problems in the brain can cause seizures,,, headaches and even death. Blood sugar problems can also cause numbness, memory issues and persistent infections. Join Dr. Michael Wald as he explores the ways in which low blood sugar may be affecting you right now. Dr. Wald practices in westchester county located 55 minutes from New York City. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Weil call 914-552-1442. Email Dr. WALD at Visit Dr. Wald website at