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Ask The Blood Detective - Naturally Occurring Food Toxins - how your diet can be the cause of your symptoms - 10.20.18

October 20, 2018
So you eat a clean and natural diet? Guess again! Grains, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, peaches and hundreds of other foods contains natural toxins that can make you sick - even though the FDA considers the natural toxin levels safe for consumption. Join Dr. Michael Wald, The BloodDetective, as he reveals dozens of toxins found in healthy diets including vegan and vegetarian diets, and how they affect your health. Drug-nutrition interactions will also be discussed in terms of how the diet can affect how your body uses vitamin supplements, medications and foods. RSVP FOR DR. WALD'S GRAND OPENING OF HIS NEW OFFICE in Katonah, NY located 1-hr North of NYC by MetroNorth or car. Go to: or email Dr. Wald at "I hope to see you there!" - Dr. Michael Wald