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Ask The Blood Detective - Home Dangers: Molds, Metals & Electromagnetic Insults - 05.12.18

This compelling discussion by Dr. Michael Wald, the blood detective, involves the insidious and horrific effects of molds, heavy metals and electromagnetic insults That you and your loved ones may be exposed to every day. Dr. Wald explains how these factors have the potential of reducing the link of life and the quality of life. Dr. will provide specific nutritional and lifestyle concepts to reduce your chances of developing ill affects from the ubiquitous Health affects of molds, metals and electromagnetic radiation. Dr. Michael Wald is supervisor of nutrition at integrative nutrition about KISCO located one hour north of New York City. To schedule an in person or distance consultation with Dr. WALD call him at 914-552-1442. You may email Dr. walter show topics or comments at: His website

Ask The Blood Detective - Cancer and Disease Controversies: The 10 most misunderstood health problems of all time! - 05.05.18

A must listen show! Dr.Wald, The BloodDetective, as he explores why the list of conditions below are frequently misunderstood by people and doctors leading to suffering and premature death. Dr. Wald cuts through the misunderstandings and brings clarity to why you are not feeling well and how you can delay the onset of these and other diseases. Dr. Wald will cover all of the conditions below. Dr. Wald is supervisor of Integrated Nutrition located 1-hr North of NYC in Westchester. He can be reached for either a phone or in-person consultation by calling 914-552-1442. His email is: and website: 

• Chronic fatigue
• Candida overgrowth
• Leaky gut
• Non-celiac gluten sensitivity
• Chronic Lyme disease
• Intestinal parasites
• Black mold illness (including sick building syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome)
• Mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS)
• Chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS)