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Ask The Blood Detective - How Nutrition Works - 01.14.17

How Nutrition Works

Eating healthy and taking supplements is great, but how does foods and how do nutritional supplements actually affect your cells, tissues and organs? What can you do to improve how your body uses your nutrition? Join Dr. Michael Wald, Host of Ask The Blood Detective, as he explores the beautiful intricacies of how the body processes, absorbs, distributes and activates foods and various nutritional supplements. How is health built? Find out by tuning in!  Dr. Wald can be reached at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco by calling 914-242-8844. Email: / Website:

Ask The Blood Detective - Cancer, underlying causes a natural solutions - 01.07.17

Dr. Michael Wald is author of Cancer and Nutrition a professional level book that explores what goes wrong causing cancer. During this fascinating and practical show topic Dr. Michael Wald, the blood detective, will provide an evidence-based discussion that Dispelling many of the myths surrounding the use of natural health and nutritional supplements for cancer prevention, treatment and how nutrition impacts surgery, radiation and chemo therapy. Learn what your doctor may not know and make educated healthcare choices. Dr. Wald be reached at 914-242-8844 at his office Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco.


Ask The Blood Detective - Weight loss breakthroughs - 12.31.16

Join Dr. Michael Wald, nicknamed the Blood Detective, during his practical and informative exploration of what he has found effective, over the course of his 26+ years in clinical practice, of how you can effectively lose weight permanently!  Dr. WALD can be reached at his clinic integrative nutrition of Mount Kisco by calling 914-242-8844 or emailing him at or


Ask The Blood Detective - The Most Important Nutritional Supplements For Your Health And Well-Being - 12.24.16

The most important nutritional supplements for your health and well-being: this show is a must for anyone who takes, or is thinking of taking, nutritional supplements in addition to a balanced diet. Dr. WALD will take you through the conflict and confusion that exists on the web, in textbooks and that you might even hear from seemingly qualified healthcare providers. This may very well be the most important show on attritional supplements you've ever heard! Dr. WALD can be reached at Integrated nutrition of Mount Kisco by calling 914-242-8844/ at


Ask The Blood Detective - Lyme disease lies - 12.17.16

Dr. Michael Wald is a double board certified nutritionist with a medical education, a chiropractic and other nutritional degrees. Dr. Wald, has a reputation as a blood detective, due to his attitude of digging deep for Health answers for his patients and the public. Dr. WALD has spent the last 26 years investigating the most controversial topics that influence your health, longevity and disease risk. His latest show, Lyme disease Lies well open your eyes to the controversies and lies surrounding Lyme disease treatment testing and potential health impacts. This is not just another Lyme disease show!


Ask The Blood Detective - Franken Foods – Controversy Lies And Your Health By Dr. Michael Wald, DC, M.D., Board Certified Nutritionist - 12.01

Dr. WALD has decided to present a different topic for next week called: Franken foods – the dangers of genetically modified foods. Dr. Weil to be reached at Integrated nutrition of Mount Kisco 914-242-8844 or via email at: info at Integrated nutrition


Ask The Blood Detective - “Misunderstandings In Healthcare That Can Kill You: By Dr. Michael Wald - 12.03.16

Don't kill yourself: mistakes leading to loss of health and early death. During this riveting conversation, Dr. Michael Wald, the blood detective, assesses, misconceptions that a number of people have when pursuing natural health. Misunderstanding including: how long does it take my new chance to work? And, can everything be cured through diet and supplements? And, if I were sick wouldn't  I have symptoms? These and many other essential concepts will be deconstructed by Dr. WALD, the blood detective. Let Dr. WALD help you filter through the morass of miss information leading to lost Health potential. Dr. Wald can be reached by calling 914-242-8844. Email him your questions and show topic ideas to: info at or His website is:


Ask The Blood Detective - Everything Autoimmune - 11.26.16

Could your health problems be the result of a hidden autoimmune process? Have your doctors told you that your lab work is a sensually normal, but you still suffer from all sorts of symptoms that are seemingly unconnected? Tune into Dr. Michael Wald on his upcoming show, Everything Autoimmune for answers. Dr. Wald, the blood detective will discuss how autoimmunity works in the body and what if any dietary, nutritional supplement and other lifestyle means might effectively interfere and potentially reverse distractive autoimmune changes. Start feeling better today and listen to Dr. Michael Wald, The Blood Detective on, Ask The Blood Detective, every Saturday at 1 PM on Send your questions and show topic ideas to: info at Integrated nutrition and or email Dr. WALD at To schedule an appoint with Dr. WALD call Integrated Nutrition at 914-242-8844.



Ask The Blood Detective - Sugar - The good, the bad, and the ugly - 11.19.16

Sugar - The good, the bad, and the ugly.
If you're like the average American you consume nearly 200 pounds of sugar every year. Refining process sugar is linked to a myriad of diseases which include autoimmune disease, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune problems and of course diabetes. You don't think you have a blood sugar disease? Think again! Even if your blood levels of sugar are normal your fatigue, headaches, brain fog, constipation, headaches - you name it, can have its origin in improper sugar balance. To make matters worse, Drs. commonly miss blood sugar problems when your blood glucose is normal. Join Dr. Michael Wald on his show, Ask The Blood Detective, as he explores the ins and outs of the dangers of sugar. Learn the difference between fruit sugar, glucose, sucrose and other sugars and sugar substitutes and how they impact your health and disease potential. Dr. WALD can be reached at his office at 914-242-8844. Email: Email:

Ask The Blood Detective - Breast cancer: prevention and natural treatments - 11.12.16

During this informative and practical exploration, Dr. wall describes the problem of breast cancer, the shortcomings of traditional treatments and the potential benefits of adjunctive natural treatments including dietary, exercise and nutritional supplements. Question such as, "can nutritional supplements and dietary lifestyle improvements reduce breast wrist?", Can nutritional supplements specifically help traditional treatments such as radiation and chemo therapy or should nutritional supplements be avoided in the circumstances?"  During this informative and practical discussion Dr. Michael Wald, blood detective, will share his 26 years of experience and recent research summary's in the area of nutrition and natural medicine. Dr. Walter be reached at: info at Integrated nutrition and and His email is: and His phone number at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco is 9142428844.