Ask The Blood Detective

Ask The Blood Detective - Your Deadly Diet - Healthy Diet Lies! - 07.29.17

July 29, 2017

Join Dr. Michael Wald, host of, Ask The Blood Detective, as he dismantles commonly excepted "truths" and concepts about what a healthy diet is and points you in the right direction. Eating organically? This might kill you! Eating more fish hi in omega-3's? Fish could  damage your nervous system. Eating free-range and organic meats? Guess again, as organic and free-range foods may be loaded with sodium, pus (yes! That's right...pus!! and antibiotics.  Dr. Wald is Supervisor of Nutrition at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco located one hr North of New York City. Email Dr. Wald your show topic suggestions, or to schedule as a patient, by emailing or calling him at: