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Ask The Blood Detective - Health And Nutrition Questions And Answers - 02.24.18

Your health questions answered! Join Dr Michael Wald as he is interviewed by Mr Jim Wilday, a student of natural health, as the explore dozens of essential questions and answers that could make a difference in your health and the health of your love ones and friends. What is important to know about vitamin A, iron anemia and amino acids?  Questions covering immunity, inflammation heart disease to Torino and other nutrients will be discussed in practical detail. Dr. Michael Wald, host of Astible detective, is the supervisor nutrition at Integrated and Tristan and KISCO located one hour north of New York City. Which doctor will be calling them at 914-552-1442. Email him your questions and show ideas to


Ask The Blood Detective - Cancer, Your Chemistry & Nutritional Supplements - 02.17.18

Cancer, Your Chemistry & Nutritional Supplements

Can nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutraceuticals really prevent and treat cancer? Join Dr. Michael Wald, The BloodDetective as he explores and myths and facts surrounding what works and what does not regarding cancer prevention, treatment, foods and nutritional supplements. Dr. Wald is supervisor of nutrition at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco located 1-hr North of NYC. Dr. Wald can be reached by email or phone: and 914-5521442. Dr. Wald provides both in-person and distance consultations. His website is:

Ask The Blood Detective - Nutritional Supplement Errors And Misconceptions - 02.10.18

Join Dr. Michael Wald as examines common misconceptions regarding the use of nutritional supplements. Dr. Wald will answer such questions as: what are the right supplements to take, what is the right dose, what are the right forms of supplements, what are my combinations of supplements, what is nutritional timing, how she nutritionals happen to be used with medications, how are supplements absorbed, what is pharmaceutical grade versus non-pharmaceutical grade of supplements, what are custom supplements, how should supplements be used based on disease and lifespan – and many more questions will be asked.
Dr. WALD is director of nutrition at integrated nutrition Mount Kisco located one hour north of New York City. Call Dr. Wald to schedule an appointment at 914-552-1442. Send Dr. Wald your questions and show ideas by emailing him at: Visit his website at

Ask The Blood Detective - DEATH BY FLU - 02.03.18

The flu is killing people and it is making the lives of millions of people miserable. Tune into the BloodDetective as he reveals the hidden truths behind the flu shot, impact upon immunity, health, resistance and death. Learn natural precausions involving lifestyle including herbs, foods, hygiene and more. Dr. Wald, DC, PhD, Dietician is host of, Ask The Blood Detective and Director of Nutrition at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco located 1-hr North of New York City. He can be reached for an in-person or phone consultation and for show ideas at: 914-552-1442. His website is: