Ask The Blood Detective

Ask The Blood Detective - Your Health And Wellness – Know These Things! - 09.30.17

Your Health & Wellness - Know these things! Is a show that you must hear if you care about your health. Dr. Wald, aka The BloodDetective and host of Ask The Blood Detective presents a compelling discussion that can truly change your life and how you relate to your body. Dr. Wald answers many of the fundamental questions that his audience has about what is health, how do we get disease, how should we think about blood and other forms of lab testing and much more. Dr. Wald is Supervisor of Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco located 1 hr North of New York City in Westchester, NY. Dr. Wald is accepting patients and can be reached by calling: 914-242-8844. Email Dr. Wald to send your show ideas to: His website is full of free educational materials:


Ask The Blood Detective - Heal Yourself - 09.23.17

Join Dr. Wald, The BloodDetective, as he discusses life-changing ways to quickly change your daily habits to achieve a level of health that may not be enjoying now. Dr. Wald explores practical nutritional and emotional approaches meant to effect positive changes in your life NOW!  Dr. Wald is the supervisor of nutrition at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco located in Westchester New York.  Email Dr. Wald your show ideas to: and visit Dr. Wald's website for tons of practical healthcare content at: Call Dr. Wald to work with him about your health at: 914-552-1442.


Ask The Blood Detective - Your New Normal - 09.16.17

Are you normal? What is normal in terms of health? How does normal health compare to optimal health and how do you measure these levels of health? Join Dr. Michael Wald, host of "Ask The Blood Detective, as he explores the fascinating topic of going beyond "average" or "normal" health and setting your health goals to "optimal health". Lean what your doctors won't teach you about reaching a level of health and wellness you never thought possible. Dr. Wald is supervisor of Longevity at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco located one hour North of New York City. Email Dr. Wald at: or visit his website at: Call Dr. Wald to become a patient by calling: 914-552-1442


Ask The Blood Detective - Inflammation Busters - 09.01.17

Inflammation Busters

Inflammation is now known to be at the root of most causes of disease. Heart disease, immune disease, diabetes even overweight...are all related to inflammation. Inflammation can be thought of as a degeneration process and re-generation is the key to stoping inflammation. Certain foods and nutritional supplements can promote re-generation suppressing the inflammatory process. Join Dr. Wald, The Blood Detective, as he review the common causes of inflammation and explores what you can do to identify and beat inflammation at its cause!  Dr. Wald, DC, Board Certified Nutritionist is director of Longevity at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco. Dr. Wald can be reached by calling: 914-552-1442. Email Dr. Wald at: His website is: